Beswick Pottery

Beswick Pottery was founded by James Wright Beswick in 1896 although some historians say 1894. In 1898 a premises was opened on Gold Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England, still the home of Beswick today although it operates under the umbrella of the Royal Doulton Group.

Throughout most of the 20th Century Beswick created beautifully decorated quick-selling lines of vases, pots, jugs, tea pots, trinkets and dinnerware. An early (1930) ad line read, “Everything the householder needs in earthenware”. The company employed many noted pottery designers including James Hayward, Albert Hallam, Mr. Symcox, and Mr. Watkin. These men were always given credit for their lines and many early collectors followed a specific designer.  To this day the best resource book on the company, The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Beswick Pottery, by Diana and John Callow gives designer credit on each item featured in their excellent reference book.  In 1969  Beswick was sold to the Royal Doulton Group.


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