The Roseville Pottery Company was founded in 1890. Roseville initially produced simple utilitarian ware such as flower pots, stoneware, umbrella stands, cuspidors, and limited painted ware.

Roseville’s ability to nimbly adapt to market conditions was one of the potteries’ greatest attributes as Roseville was continually able to produce the most popular patterns and styles compared to their immediate competitors.

Many of today’s most popular  patterns include Dahlrose, Rosecraft, Fuschia, Cosmos,  Magnolia, White Rose,  Poppy, Apple Blossom  along with Florentine, Tuscany and Carnelian.

Throughout Roseville’s days of production, its versatility and innovativeness served to keep the company at the forefront of the various decorating styles and buying public trends. Even to this day, it still represents the most widely known and most collectible art pottery ever produced.  Roseville Pottery ceased operations in 1954.

The collection pictured is but a part of our inventory.  Please contact us for pricing and availability (contact form at the bottom of this page.)

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