Completely Seduced


c. 1992-1998 Bill Campbell 9" Twisted Vase, small K11, $85.00 SOLD

You will be completely seduced by this Bill Campbell vase. His use of vibrant colors and an elegant crisp form draws you into his playful world. Bill has been a potter for over 30 years experimenting and creating unique glazes that allow light to dance over the surface of his vessel. His work references the fluid forms and colors of  L. C. Tiffany.

Created in 1992 and produced until 1998, the K11 small “Twisted Vase” has been retired from production. The unique twisting pattern draws your eye around and around the vase enticing you with the changes in color. This 9″ vase has a dry bottom and is signed by Mr. Campbell. (The signature is unfortunately barely visible, but there nonetheless.)

Bill Campbell 9" "Twisted Vase" Dry Bottom & Signature

Bill Campbell 9" "Twisted Vase" Top Detail

Mr. Campbell works in his studio, a converted old powerhouse, in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. In his biography that appears on his website he writes, “My motive in making pottery is not terribly noble.  I merely try to cause a little celebration in everyday living. You can’t imagine what I feel when my customers tell me how much they enjoy using my pots in their daily routine. When designing pots, I am always aware of the possibilities and limitations of the wonderful/dreadful layered glaze I employ. An enigmatic mistress, it is very fussy about the body it resides upon.  It often crawls, blisters and crazes and the color isn’t always reliable. Though demanding, it is however, just too vibrant and exciting to simply dismiss as too troublesome.”

c. 1992-1998 Bill Campbell 9" Twisted Vase, small K11, $85.00 SOLD

Billy Blue Eye Pottery is proud to offer this beautiful example of Mr. Campbells’ work for $85.00. For more information and/or to purchase this vase, contact us directly at  We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Pay Pal and offer a full refund if not satisfied.  The vase is in excellent condition and other than than fading signature has no imperfections. We would like to offer a huge “thank you” to our friends Linda and Carl in Georgia and to Judith, who has worked for Campbell Studios for eighteen years, for their kind assistance in researching this vase.

For further information on Bill Campbell, his pottery and a gallery of his work, visit his website.


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