Make Your Memorial Day Weekend Memorable

Roselane of Pasadena c. late 1940’s 6.25″ Pair of Column Vases Grey w/ Burgundy Interior, mold # 227, $60.00 Pair (or $35 each) SOLD

Holidays, vacations, and other memorable events are often remembered in our household by the mementos  (okay, read tschotkes) that we purchased during that trip or on that special day. For us there is also nothing more fun than the hunt for such treasures and the sense of accomplishment that often comes with the acquisition of something that is truly unique. It also doesn’t hurt if you find it at “an incredible bargain”.

Sascha Brastoff c. 1955-65 5.25″ “Abstract” Round Covered Box with Impressed Lid & Original Hang Tag, mold #CB2, $150.00 SOLD

A terrific venue to find those coveted treasures is the Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market in Long Beach, California and this Sunday, May 29th a special Memorial Day Weekend Flea Market is being held.  Long Beach Collectible & Antique Market is located in the Veteran’s Stadium Parking Lot from 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM. We are located in space # A 843. Click here for 10% off Admission Discount Coupon.

We look forward to seeing you there and tempting with some treasures that we have collected. Have a safe holiday weekend!

Coors Pottery of Golden, Colorado c. 1930-40’s Yellow (SOLD) & Turquoise 6.5″ “Boulder” Vases and Orange (SOLD) & Terra Cotta 5.25″ Beehive Vases, $70.00 each


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