Some Favorite Rumrill Vases Available Today at the Long Beach Antique Market

We all have our favorites.  From early on beginning in grade school we witnessed the concept of the chosen few in witnessing or being the “teacher’s pet”.  Certain bonuses or advantages were awarded ones that attained that role and we learned to apply that concept in many areas of our lives.

Even in collecting pottery we apply the “teacher’s pet” principle to the items in our collection we value the most by rewarding them the most visible display shelf. For me a few of my Rumrill vases have become “teacher’s pet and they proudly great visitors to my home in a most conspicuous place of honor.

Three Rumrill vases, c. 1938-42 (from left to right) 9″ Pale Blue Art Deco Vase, mold # H-8, $ 75.00; Miniature 4.25″ Vase with Partial Original Label, mold #A-5, $ 45.00; and 6″ Fan Five Finger Bud Vase from “Manhattan Group”, mold # 541, $100.00 SOLD

Today at the Long Beach Antique Market we will be offering some of our very favorite Rumrill vases and yes they will be displayed in a very prominent location. The Long Beach Antique Market  is held in the Veteran’s Stadium parking lot just off Lakewood Boulevard at Conant Street and is open from 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM. (Visit the Long Beach Antique Market website for a discount entrance fee coupon.)  We are in space #A853, look for our familiar green and white tent.


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