Long Beach Antique Flea Market: Sunday, April 18th

Billy Blue Eye will be exhibiting at tomorrow’s (April 18th) Long Beach Flea Market from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm.  Located on the parking lot of the Veteran’s Stadium (north of Long Beach Airport) at Conant & Lakewood Blvd., convenient from the 405.    We’re located in booth A853 (east side of market) under the green and white tent.

We will be featuring Catalina, Roseville, Weller, Bauer, Cowan, Red Wing and many other American and International Pottery collections. Here is a selection of some recently acquired McCoy Estate sale pottery that will be available tomorrow:

McCoy Pottery c.1930’s 8″ Stoneware Vase w/ leaves and berries, (unmarked), $110.00 SOLD

McCoy Pottery c.1930’s 6″ Stoneware Jardiniere w/ leaves and berries, (unmarked), $120.00 SOLD

Nelson McCoy Pottery c.1915-30’s (unmarked) 14.5″ tall Jardiniere Pedestal, $100.00 SOLD

Brush McCoy c.1938-45 8.25″ Ribbed Double Handled Art Deco Vase Mo;d #579, $69.00 SOLD

For more information contact us directly at billyblue@cox.net.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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One response to “Long Beach Antique Flea Market: Sunday, April 18th

  1. Susan Taggart

    Hope that you will also have your booth set up next week (May 16th) at the Long Beach event, because the planets have converged and I am able to time a visit to LA on the same weekend as the Long Beach flea market. I have never attended such a large event, so I will have to ask for help in finding the way to your location. Looking forward to seeing you and your wares then———
    Susan Taggart
    (Bought Red Wing violin and banjo from you at the Orange County pottery show in 2008.)

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