Escape Carmageddan & Come Enjoy the Long Beach Flea Market

They used to say that all roads led to Rome. Well in Los Angeles County with its maze of freeways all roads can lead to just about anywhere you want to go.  With the 405 “Carmageddan” closure upon us there is a route that will get you to Long Beach from just about anywhere in LA County. It might take you on a “scenic route” this weekend but forget about the forecast for traffic nightmares and make your way to the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday, July 17th and experience the pleasure that treasure hunting can bring.

Van Briggle Pottery of Colorado Springs, Colorado, c.1952-65 7.5" Vase with Raised Single Floral Stem in Ming Turquoise Glaze, $165.00

The  Long Beach Collectible & Antique Market is held in the Veteran’s Stadium Parking Lot located just off North Lakewood Boulevard and East Conant Street from 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM. We are located in space # A 853 under the green and white tent.  Click here for 10% off Admission Discount Coupon.

Van Briggle Pottery, c.1940-60's 5" Thin and Sleek Fan Vase in Ming Turquoise Glaze, $85.00

We hope to see you there!


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