Virtual Flea Market Offers Selections from Red Wing & Rum Rill Potteries

Selections from Red Wing Pottery of Red Wing, Minnesota and Rum Rill Pottery Created for Red Wing in the 1930’s

Red Wing Pottery by Rum Rill, c.1930’s 5.25″ Double Handled Dutch Blue Stipple Wide Mouth Vase, Mold #638, $89.00 SOLD

Do you like what you see? Billy Blue Eye has a selection of 12 vases created by Rum Rill in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s in the beautiful Dutch Blue Stipple Glaze. Want to see more of what we have to offer? E-mail us direct at

Red Wing Pottery by Rum Rill, c.1932-38 7.5″ Semi-Matte Glazed Art Pottery “Greek Style” Vase, Mold #631, $68.00 SOLD

Be sure to read our previous posts on this website for additional items offered by Billy Blue Eye.

Red Wing Union Stoneware Art Pottery, c.1929-32 9″ Egyptian Double Handled Vase in Dark Green & White, Mold #159, $110.00 SOLD

Call Now 949-842-8732 to place your order.

More selections to come.


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