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Recent Weller Pottery Acquisitions

Every now and then when shopping for vases I  stumble upon one that really causes me to understand why I can become so very passionate about pottery and building a pottery collection. Frequently that vase will wind up in my personal collection or be offered to a specific client that may have expressed a strong interest in the maker or in the style of vase that I have come across.

When I first saw this blue Weller “Bouquet” vase I was initially drawn to the color. If you have read my past blog entries you know that I love blue and all things blue. This blue Weller vase is that special blue that immediately transports me to a summer sky or to the calmest of mountain lakes. I was immediately hooked and knew I had to have this vase and I had to share this vase with my customers. So it is making its debut at this Virtual Flea Market and I hope you see just how beautiful of an example it is.

Weller Pottery, c.1935-39 “Bouquet” 12″ Art Deco Column Vase with Tulips #B-11, $275.00 SOLD


E-mail us direct at or call 949-842-8732.

Weller Pottery, “Darcie” c.1935 6.5″ Light Blue Vase, $100.00 SOLD

Weller Pottery, c.1914-27 “Roma” 7.75″ Double Bud Vase, $130.00 SOLD

The “Hudson” series of vases all have some hand-painted elements to the design. Each vase is therefore unique and unto itself. The 1920’s releases of “White and Decorated Hudson” and “Blue and Decorated Hudson” vases have a special charm and the delicate usage of simple brush strokes make them exceptionally unique. This example, which has been pictured in this blog before, is truly a wonderful find and deserves a prominent home in one’s collection.

Weller Pottery, c.1920’s “White and Decorated Hudson” 8.5″ Cylindrical Vase, $259.00 SOLD!


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Virtual Flea Market Offers Selections from Red Wing & Rum Rill Potteries

Selections from Red Wing Pottery of Red Wing, Minnesota and Rum Rill Pottery Created for Red Wing in the 1930’s

Red Wing Pottery by Rum Rill, c.1930’s 5.25″ Double Handled Dutch Blue Stipple Wide Mouth Vase, Mold #638, $89.00 SOLD

Do you like what you see? Billy Blue Eye has a selection of 12 vases created by Rum Rill in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s in the beautiful Dutch Blue Stipple Glaze. Want to see more of what we have to offer? E-mail us direct at

Red Wing Pottery by Rum Rill, c.1932-38 7.5″ Semi-Matte Glazed Art Pottery “Greek Style” Vase, Mold #631, $68.00 SOLD

Be sure to read our previous posts on this website for additional items offered by Billy Blue Eye.

Red Wing Union Stoneware Art Pottery, c.1929-32 9″ Egyptian Double Handled Vase in Dark Green & White, Mold #159, $110.00 SOLD

Call Now 949-842-8732 to place your order.

More selections to come.

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Billy Blue Eye’s Virtual Flea Market Now Open!

Recently Acquired Van Briggle Pottery

Van Briggle Pottery, c.1940-60’s 7.75″ Calla Lily Vase in Ming Turquoise Glaze, $ 139.00 SOLD

Welcome to our First Virtual Flea Market. Throughout the next seven hours we will be posting photos of our very best ceramic and stoneware items from all of your favorite pottery companies. They are being offered today at special Flea Market prices that reflect a substantial savings from the suggested retail “book” prices. (March 25th, 2012 Please note that special “Virtual Flea Market” prices have ended.)

See something you like, call us now and we will wrap, box, insure and ship your selection free of charge ($75.00 minimum please). We guarantee that all items are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, previous repairs or other damage unless fully disclosed in the item’s description. We stand behind our product and if you are not fully satisfied, return the item to us for a full refund. (Buyer to pay return shipping or you may return the item to us at one of our upcoming outdoor Flea Market events.) For your convenience we accept MasterCard, Visa and Pay Pal. We process under strict security guidelines.

Van Briggle Pottery, c.1970-80 3″ x 4.25″ Hand Thrown “Original” Low Vase with Floral Design Imprint, $ 85.00 SOLD

Van Briggle Pottery, c.1980’s 8.25″ Bud Vase/Candle Holder in Ming Turquoise Glaze, $65.00 SOLD

Call Now 949-842-8732.

Van Briggle Pottery, c.1946-48 5.5″ x 2.25″ Original Hand Thrown & Hand Pinched Ruffled Bowl by Clem Hull in Ming Turquoise Glaze, $140.00 SOLD

All four of these newly acquired Van Briggle pieces are in excellent condition.  The two “original” hand-thrown items are especially sweet and have the hand-made feel that Van Briggle creates so beautifully.

Questions??? Ready to Buy!!! Call us Now 949-842-8732.

Much, much more to come!

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This Time Mother Nature Wins! Threat of Heavy Rain & Strong Winds Keep Us from the Long Beach Flea Market Tomorrow, March 18th.

Laguna Niguel is blanketed in fog and drenched with rain on Saturday, March 17th. The forecast calls for more of the same on Flea Market Sunday.

As many of our loyal customers and fans know, we look forward to working the monthly Long Beach Flea Market. It has always been our favorite event as in the past five years we have not only met wonderful clients and assisted them in building their pottery collections, but we have also developed many cherished friendships.

In the last six months Mother Nature seems to have decided that the third Sunday of every month is a wonderful time for the skies to open up and drench the pavement at Veteran’s Stadium in Long Beach. Sometimes her threats have turned out to be just that (like last month – a finer February Sunday does not exist) and other times we have found ourselves standing in three inch puddles of water with wind driven rain finding new and creative angles to fall from the sky. (Anyone  remember this past November 20th? Well at least all of our vases, plates and candle holders were washed clean; pass the Dawn Detergent!)

"...the skies to open up and drench the pavement at Veteran's Stadium in Long Beach."

Most of the time we take Ma Nature’s threats and the TV Weather Persons promises of ….BREAKING NEWS…..The Storm of 2012 to Hit the Southland on Flea Market Sunday…in stride and usually give it the ole’ College try and set up shop under the drizzle and threatening skies.  But somehow this threat seems real and as much as we hate to give in to the hocus-pocus of weather prediction we have decided that we will not be at tomorrow’s Long Beach Flea Market.

One of our Aleppo Pine trees during a short break in today's storm.

Now for some good news.  Since the weather will keep us from setting up shop in Long Beach tomorrow, we are going to launch our first Virtual Flea Market at this website tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 AM. We will offer to you all of the new acquisitions we have purchased for tomorrow’s event here at Additionally all merchandise offered tomorrow will be available for purchase at 25% off the ticketed price and we’ll professionally box and ship the items free of charge!

So set you clocks, Pottery fans. No need to pull out the yellow slicker or grab the galoshes, come shop Billy Blue Eye’s Virtual Flea Market from the comfort and warmth of your dry home tomorrow morning. More information will be posted later today as well as advance postings of some of the terrific treasures we will be offering. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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