To All Our Tustin Flea Market Friends & Patrons

Yes it has been a number of months, three to be exact, that we have  filled space number 46 at the Tustin Flea Market and to all of our loyal customers and friends we too have missed you! In fact I was planning on a joyous return today, October 28th, but once again fate has intervened and caused us to miss today’s event.

Scheurich of Germany, c.1960’s 9″ Mid-Century Lava Glazed Vase/Ewer by Heinz Siery Mold #271-22, $69.00 SOLD

Last week I took a funny step down on my left leg and heard a”pop” which was followed by intense pain and an inability to walk or put any of my, well let’s just say, over 200 pounds weight on it.  After a trip to the ER on Monday it turns out that I sprained my knee and have spent the better part of this last week in bed, in a medication fog and only able to get around on crutches.  The parting words from the ER nurses mouth were, “Remember, a sprain can take longer and be more painful than a break”,  and no truer words have ever been spoken.

Weller Pottery, c.1934-39 “Panella” 8″ x 7″ Wall Pocket with Nasturtiums, superb condition $195.00 SOLD

Of course this  makes it impossible for me to set up shop today in Tustin but come rain, or sleet, or dark of night, I will be healed and ready to see all of you on November 25th in Tustin or the week before, November 18th in Long Beach. We have recently acquired a number of great items and look forward to assisting you in your holiday shopping.  If you are looking for something in particular, e-mail us and we will be happy to assist in finding that special item. Best wishes to all of you and thank you for your continued interest and support of Billy Blue Eye.


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