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Billy Blue Eye Pottery to Miss December 16th Long Beach Flea Market

Dear Clients and Friends,

As some of you may know, I had knee surgery in November and post surgery I unfortunately developed blood clots in my leg and lungs. I am on the road to recovery but I am unable to attend the December Long Beach Flea Market.  We will be back in January and hope that you’ll stop by and see the treasures we have found during these last two months. I sincerely want to thank all of you that sent get well wishes they were and are appreciated. May you all be blessed with happiness, good health and the love of friends and family in the New Year.

Michael Horvath


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Virtual Flea Market to Remain Open through Friday, March 23rd

Sunday, March 18th  –  5:33 PM PST

Postings to our Virtual Flea Market have ended for today but we will post some additional recent acquisitions throughout the week. The special Virtual Flea Market pricing will be offered through Friday, March 23rd. Thank you to all that participated today.

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Join us Today in Tustin, CA – Jamestown Vintage Flea Market

Good Morning Fans of Billy Blue Eye!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers that visited and shopped with us yesterday in Whittier. We will be in Tustin today at the Jamestown Vintage Flea Market. You can see our post of September 25th for information and directions. We hope to see you at “The Best Little Flea Market in Orange County”!

Billy (a.k.a. Billy Blue Eye) and his BBF Joey invite you to shop in Tustin today. They however will be enjoying the Family Room sofa.

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Taking Another Look at Weller Pottery

My childhood was spent in Chicago-land and I began collecting pottery and ceramics at the age of seventeen.  When shopping the many local antique stores that housed a century of treasures I was always drawn to a uniquely shaped or exquisitely colored vase. I quickly learned to ask the proprietors if they had any vases from Ohio which to me meant, “Do you have any Roseville or Rookwood?” If directed to a Weller vase or worse yet, a McCoy planter I would approach it as if it were one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. Yes, I must confess, I was a Roseville and Rookwood Snob!

Weller Pottery "Loru" c.1933-39 9.5" Vase with raised leaves & flared rim, $135.00 SOLD

Ah, that feels so much better! Step one, admit you have a problem!

As the years passed and with the onset of some serious pottery and fine art collecting, I was reintroduced to Weller by an antique shopkeeper in Orange, California. She helped me see the subtlety of a Weller creation, the delicate swirl of the lines and the silhouette that the potter created. She showed me the vast diversity in the Weller collections and before long I knew that Weller needed to be included in my collection of Ohio made vases, candlesticks, planters and urns. I left her shop that day with a 1930’s Weller “Bouquet” vase that to this day sits proudly on a chest of drawers in my foyer.

Weller Pottery, "Bouquet" c. 1935-39 8" vase, mold #B-3, Private Collection

Weller Pottery, c.1935-39 "Bouquet" 4.5" Bowl/vase with Pansies, Mold #B-4, $110.00, SOLD

Over the last four years through the purchases I have made for Billy Blue Eye Pottery, I have come to possess a rich appreciation for the craftsmanship and pioneering spirit shown in the many  unique techniques, glazes and formulas employed by Weller. Recently we had an opportunity to acquire a number of Weller vases created in the 1930’s from an estate which we are offering for the first time at the upcoming Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market. Some of these new acquisitions are pictured here and hopefully you too can see why I have had to take another long look at the artistry of Weller Pottery.

Weller Pottery, "Cornish" c.1933 6" Planting Pot/Vase in Blue, $165.00 SOLD

I hope that seeing some of these lovely vases has sparked a renewed or “first-time” interest for you, dear reader, in Weller Pottery.  The Weller vases pictured here  will be available this Sunday, July 18th, at the Long Beach, California  Antique & Collectible Market.  Held from 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM in the Veteran’s Stadium Parking lot, visit our green and white tent,  booth A-853.  Let me show you why I took another long look at Weller and came back with a deeper appreciation for one of the “other” Ohio pottery companies.

Weller Pottery, "Elberta" c.1930-34 5" Draped Vase in greens & pinks, $150.00, SOLD

For more information or to purchase any of these great vases, contact us directly at We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Pay Pal and all orders over $200.00 are shipped free .

For additional information on the Long Beach Flea Market contact us or visit their website We hope to see you on Sunday!

Weller Pottery, "Sydonia" c. 1928-33, 10.5" Double Vase, $150.00 SOLD

P.S.  I have also developed a deep appreciation and love for all things McCoy; but we will leave that for another day.

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New Works by Painter Anna Pap Shown at Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market

"Ostia, Italy" Acrylic on Canvas by Anna Pap 16" x 20", $250.00

Billy Blue Eye is pleased to present four new works by one of our favorite painters, Anna Pap. Each new work is representative of her dramatic use of high color contrast and reflecting imagery which is often a montage of European travel memories, photographs and imagination that captures an essence of freshness and delight offering universal appeal.

Anna was born and educated in Budapest, Hungary. She  currently resides in her hilltop home in Southern California where the beauty of the greenbelts and white water ocean views provide her with plenty of inspiration. Her love of nature is seen in her floral portraits.


"White Moth Orchids" Acrylic on Canvas by Anna Pap 16" x 20", $150.00 SOLD

These works will be on display and available for sale this Sunday, May 30th at the Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market. It is held at the Long Beach Veteran’s Stadium, Conant Street just east of Lakewood Boulevard from 6:30 AM until 2:00 PM.  This Sunday, Billy Blue Eye will be located in space number A840; find us under our signature green and white tent.

"La Gondola" Acrylic on Canvas by Anna Pap 18" x 24", $150.00

For additional information on the Long Beach Flea Market contact us  directly or visit their website We hope to see you on Sunday!


"Solitary Aperitif" Oil on Canvas by Anna Pap 12" x 16", $275.00


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today at the antique market

Just off the phone with Michael at the Long Beach Antique Flea Market–huge turn-out today.  If you’re in the L.A. area and looking for something to do–drive over (405 adjacent) to the Long Beach Veteran’s Stadium and take in the Antique Flea Market!  It’s a beautiful day in southern California and the market is a great place to do some early holiday shopping…maybe even at our booth, A853 (first row by the east parking lot.)  Look for the green & white striped tent.  See you soon.

Arcature Vase.#3

c.1951 McCoy Pottery, Arcature Vase $75.00 SOLD

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