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Taking Another Look at Weller Pottery

My childhood was spent in Chicago-land and I began collecting pottery and ceramics at the age of seventeen.  When shopping the many local antique stores that housed a century of treasures I was always drawn to a uniquely shaped or exquisitely colored vase. I quickly learned to ask the proprietors if they had any vases from Ohio which to me meant, “Do you have any Roseville or Rookwood?” If directed to a Weller vase or worse yet, a McCoy planter I would approach it as if it were one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. Yes, I must confess, I was a Roseville and Rookwood Snob!

Weller Pottery "Loru" c.1933-39 9.5" Vase with raised leaves & flared rim, $135.00 SOLD

Ah, that feels so much better! Step one, admit you have a problem!

As the years passed and with the onset of some serious pottery and fine art collecting, I was reintroduced to Weller by an antique shopkeeper in Orange, California. She helped me see the subtlety of a Weller creation, the delicate swirl of the lines and the silhouette that the potter created. She showed me the vast diversity in the Weller collections and before long I knew that Weller needed to be included in my collection of Ohio made vases, candlesticks, planters and urns. I left her shop that day with a 1930’s Weller “Bouquet” vase that to this day sits proudly on a chest of drawers in my foyer.

Weller Pottery, "Bouquet" c. 1935-39 8" vase, mold #B-3, Private Collection

Weller Pottery, c.1935-39 "Bouquet" 4.5" Bowl/vase with Pansies, Mold #B-4, $110.00, SOLD

Over the last four years through the purchases I have made for Billy Blue Eye Pottery, I have come to possess a rich appreciation for the craftsmanship and pioneering spirit shown in the many  unique techniques, glazes and formulas employed by Weller. Recently we had an opportunity to acquire a number of Weller vases created in the 1930’s from an estate which we are offering for the first time at the upcoming Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market. Some of these new acquisitions are pictured here and hopefully you too can see why I have had to take another long look at the artistry of Weller Pottery.

Weller Pottery, "Cornish" c.1933 6" Planting Pot/Vase in Blue, $165.00 SOLD

I hope that seeing some of these lovely vases has sparked a renewed or “first-time” interest for you, dear reader, in Weller Pottery.  The Weller vases pictured here  will be available this Sunday, July 18th, at the Long Beach, California  Antique & Collectible Market.  Held from 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM in the Veteran’s Stadium Parking lot, visit our green and white tent,  booth A-853.  Let me show you why I took another long look at Weller and came back with a deeper appreciation for one of the “other” Ohio pottery companies.

Weller Pottery, "Elberta" c.1930-34 5" Draped Vase in greens & pinks, $150.00, SOLD

For more information or to purchase any of these great vases, contact us directly at billyblueeye@cox.net. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Pay Pal and all orders over $200.00 are shipped free .

For additional information on the Long Beach Flea Market contact us or visit their website http://www.longbeachantiquemarket.com. We hope to see you on Sunday!

Weller Pottery, "Sydonia" c. 1928-33, 10.5" Double Vase, $150.00 SOLD

P.S.  I have also developed a deep appreciation and love for all things McCoy; but we will leave that for another day.


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