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Pottery Devil to Make Rare Appearance at Long Beach Antique Market

A special fifth Sunday Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market is being held tomorrow, October 30th and the Pottery Devil is rumored to be making a special appearance.  For the past year his hypnotic ways of luring innocent buyers into his world where the one with the most vases wins has attracted the curious to this monthly Flea Market in the hope of catching a glimpse of this mysterious yet charming creature. He frequents the tent of Billy Blue Eye Pottery his favorite pottery dealer.

Shawnee Pottery, c.1940's 9" Arcature Vase with Yellow Fawn, Mold #850, $70.00 SOLD

The  Long  Beach Antique Market is held in the Veteran’s Stadium Parking Lot located just off North Lakewood Boulevard and East Conant Street from 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Billy Blue Eye Pottery is located in space # A 843 under the green and white tent.  Click here for a 10% off Admission Coupon.

Roseville Pottery, c.1947, "Snowberry", 8.25" Basket, Mold # 1BK-8, $325.00 SOLD

The Long Beach Antique Market is the place to shop for all of your Holiday gifts and this special fifth Sunday event is timed perfectly to get an early start to finding those unique items for yourself or for those you love. Billy Blue Eye Pottery offers fine ceramic works from over 35 pottery companies.

Van Briggle Pottery, c.1940-60, 3.5" Hand Thrown "Original" Pitcher in Turquoise by Fred Wills, $70.00 SOLD

For those of you whose curiosity may have been piqued, the Pottery Devil is extremely active around his favorite holiday, Halloween.  Let the buyer beware, he will work his magic and entice you until you can not resist his wares. We hope to see you there, if you dare!


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Pottery Devil to Make Rare Halloween Appearance at Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market

He has been blamed by many for encouraging and enabling the habit of Pottery Collectors in Southern California to buy exquisite vases, curvaceous bowls and gorgeous objets d’art. He is known as the Pottery Devil and he is making a rare appearance this Sunday, October 31st at the Long Beach Antique & Collectible Market.

He has promised to provide a fine collection of items for shoppers to buy including works by all of your favorite potteries. In a recent interview he mentioned new acquisitions from Roseville and Weller (pictured below) which he hopes to temp you with. And for those who have been charmed by his suave style, you know you will be tempted.

c.1938 Roseville Pottery "Fuchsia" 8.25" Double Handled Vase, Mold #898-8. $395.00 SOLD

c.1935-39 Weller Pottery "Bouquet" 5.5" Bowl/vase with Daisy, Mold # B-3, $ 90.00 SOLD

The Long Beach Collectible & Antique Market is held in the Veterans Stadium parking lot from 6:30 AM until 2:00 PM.  The Pottery Devil will be assisting the staff of Billy Blue Eye Pottery in Space # A 843 under our green and white tent.

c. 1910 Weller Pottery "Claywood" 6.25" x 7.5" Paneled Jardiniere, $ 350.00 SOLD

For more information or to purchase any of these great vases, contact us directly at billyblueeye@cox.net. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Pay Pal and all orders over $200.00 are shipped free .

For additional information on the Long Beach Flea Market contact us or visit their website http://www.longbeachantiquemarket.com.

c. 1916 Roseville Pottery "Donatello" Double Opening Gate Vase, $165.00 SOLD

The Pottery Devil is waiting for you today;  ready to make all of your pottery dreams come true. Happy Halloween!

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