Mid-Century Design: Has the Revival Run it’s Course?

“I’m looking for a mid-century _______________ (lamp, vase, bowl, chair, table, wall hanging, sculpture…) You can fill in the blank with your item of choice as this statement continues to be heard from customers on a regular basis.

Is it that the styling of the 1950’s and 1960’s was so magnificent that no other artistic and creative expression will do? Or is it perhaps a longing for  a time that seemed so much easier, less complex, with a very sophisticated yet funky vibe? Perhaps it is a combination of both but I sense that with the current unease in all aspects of life in the early 21st Century the revival of all things Mid-Century does bring us some sense of the familiar, (well familiar to us Baby Boomers!) and a reassurance that we are and will be okay.

Red Wing Pottery c.1953-58 11.5" Mid-Century "Starburst" Vase by Charles Murphy, $105.00 SOLD

Billy Blue Eye believes that the interest in Mid-Century design will be with us for a number of years to come and we strive to offer fine examples of ceramics from that era. Many of these vases, candle holders, plates and objets d’arts will be on display and available  for purchase this Sunday, October 16th at the Long Beach Flea Market.

Royal Haeger Pottery c.1949 8.5" Green & Brown Agate Double Leaf Fan Vase with Original Label by Royal Hickman, Mold # R301, $68.00

The  Long  Beach Antique Market is held in the Veteran’s Stadium Parking Lot located just off North Lakewood Boulevard and East Conant Street from 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Billy Blue Eye Pottery is located in space # A 853 under the green and white tent.  Click here for a 10% off Admission Coupon. We hope to see you there.

Sascha Brastoff - c.1953-62, 5.5" x 7" "Abstract" Series Crescent Shaped Vase, Stamped w/Rooster Logo, Mold #F21, $85.00


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