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Revisiting Hull Pottery – Shop Today Tustin Flea Market

Hull Pottery was founded in 1905 by Addis Emmet Hull in Crooksville, Ohio and is considered to be one of the “Ohio Four” in Classic Americana Pottery.  The other three being McCoy, Roseville and Weller.  As with all collectibles Hull Pottery has seen it’s demand rise and fall over the years and recently we are seeing a rebirth of popularity.

Hull Pottery, c. 1958-60 “Tokay & Tuscany” 8″ Basket, mold # 6, $85.00 SOLD

For me Hull’s strength has always been it’s ability to capture a piece of Americana expressed through classic roots as displayed in their “Tokay and Tuscany” line which for me is an American interpretation of Classic Italian forms and design.  Look at the “Parchment and Pine” series and you see a nod to the American West with boot shaped pitchers decorated with pine cones and rolled parchment deeds.

Hull Pottery, c. 1951-54 “Parchment & Pine” 14.25″ Ewer, Mold # S-7, $170.00 SOLD

Hull Pottery remained in business until 1986 and created not only sophisticated ceramic pieces but also playful utilitarian items. You can see a display of Hull’s work offered for sale today, June 24th at The Jamestown Vintage Flea Market   where 50 plus vendors set up shop at 474 El Camino Real, Tustin from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Look for our green and white tent, we hope to see you there!

Hull Pottery, c. 1958-60 “Tokay & Tuscany” 10.5″ Moonbasket Vase, Mold #11, $150.00 SOLD


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